An Introduction to Boutique Baths

Since the establishment of Boutique Baths in 2004 its name has become synonymous with the creation of unsurpassed luxury, elegance, sophistication and superior quality.

A combination of inspirational trendsetting designs and technical achievement has succeeded in creating the most cutting edge range of baths on the market today. Attention to detail and rigid quality adherence in all steps of the production process guarantees the homeowner not only a beautiful product but peace of mind as well.

From free-standing, skirted, spa and solid cast baths, together with matching basin sets, Boutique Baths has created a range to suit the most discerning customer. Combine this with affordability and you have a range of products fashioned to inspire freedom and creativity in design. Ease of maintenance and a 25 year warranty guarantees a product we trust will be as rewarding to use as it is to look at.

Key Features and Benefits of Boutique Baths Solid Cast Baths
  • Boutique Baths are made from Cian® Solid Surfacing, a renewable decorative solid surface material manufactured from an advanced blend of acrylic modified polyester resin and mineral fillers, primarily Aluminium Hydroxide (ATH).
  • Cian® Solid Surfacing is made to stringent industry standards. Its proprietary formulation gives it superior thermal shock resistance and an exceptional smooth, solid finish.
  • It is a colour throughout material providing all the incredible benefits of solid surfacing.
  • Cian® Solid Surfacing's superior process technology ensures an air/void free material guaranteeing the product a solid homogenous, 100% non-porous surface.
  • All products are renewable and repairable due to the impermeable surface. Minor scratches and scuffs can be easily removed. The non-porous surface guarantees superior stain resistance as well as microbial resistance.
  • Through the use of solid surface materials, state of the art tooling and pattern making capabilities as well as attention to detail, our process yields the most unique freestanding bath products available on the market today. Our designs are constantly updated creating a range of baths which is innovative and cutting-edge. Boutique Baths also has a flat sheet and fabrication capability and we can therefore produce baths shown in our facet range.
  • Customers have the choice of silk matte or gloss finishes, depending on their requirements.
  • Boutique baths have a unique integrated waste overflow systems built into the walls of the baths.
  • Boutique baths offer easy installation and all products are supplied complete with waste connector kits, bath waste and trap. A fully comprehensive instruction sheet is supplied to assist with installation.
  • Support and service on the ground is quick and efficient due to a small team of highly dedicated and experienced individuals.
  • All products carry a 25 year warranty.
Product Overview
1. Solid Cast Baths

Boutique Bath’s solid cast baths are made from Cian® Solid Surfacing, an advanced blend of acrylic modified polyester resin and mineral fillers, manufactured using the highest quality raw materials. Due to its natural colour-throughout material, it will retain its original beauty for many years with minimum maintenance.

  • Durable
  • Scratch resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Non-porous
  • Easy maintenance
2. Skirted Baths

Boutique Bath's luxurious skirted free-standing bath range has a full acrylic surface coupled with a high quality skirt as well as the option of a fitted stainless steel towel rail.

3. Spa Baths

Boutique spa baths have the advantage of allowing installation in most free-standing applications, including loft apartments and deck areas. The cavity between the high quality skirt and the bath inner allows these baths to be jetted as spa baths with pump equipment and plumbing cleverly concealed within its interior.

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