The Violetta bath has all the graceful features of its larger cousin, the Vivace. Space-saving whilst not compromising on inner proportions making this bath practical and economical. The cleverly designed base allows for all fittings to be placed within the bath cavity, thereby not necessitating channels in the ground.

Dimensions: 1610mm x 750mm x 530mm
Collection: Contemporary

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Violetta Cian Free Standing Solid Cast Bath Boutique Baths

Boutique Baths are made from Cian® Solid Surfacing, a renewable decorative solid surface material manufactured from an advanced blend of acrylic modified polyester resin and mineral fillers.

Superior quality raw materials

Colour throughout

Either Euro Silk Matte or Gloss

Colourfast and non-porous

Ensuring peace of mind

*Our colours permeate throughout the product.
*We do NOT use spray paint or gel coats.
*Please note that the colour images above are a guideline and may not represent an exact colour match.

Technical Specifications

1610 mm
63.4 Inches
29.5 Inches
20.9 Inches
105 Kilograms
231 Pounds
Water Capacity
180 Litres
47.6 Gallons
Built-in overflow
Colours Available

Violetta Technical Specifications Drawing
Cian Colour Wheel

Colours Available

Boutique Baths has 8 crafted colours that are unique to our products. These colours are formulated based on local and international fashion trends. Our colours permeate throughout the product and are not merely on the exterior surface.
Our current colours are: Sable, Castano, Azure, Aveo, Rosa, Perla, Struzzo and Ciara.
Boutique Baths also offers colour matching, which gives you the opportunity to design a bathroom in colours of your choice. We strive to offer the most unique free-standing baths and basins available on the market today.

Product Finishes

Our cutting edge Cian material offers you a choice of two finishes, either euro Silke Matte or Gloss, depending on your requirements. All our colours, apart from white, are currently only offered in the Euro Silke Matte finish.
Product finishing Boutique Baths

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