Dimensions: 1800mm x 820mm x 540mm
Collection:  Contemporary

The Omina combines the elegance of a skirted bath with the durability and strength of a solid cast bath. Balanced and symmetrical, this cleverly proportioned bath is a must-have.

Omina Freestanding Cian Bath

About Cian

Boutique Baths are made from Cian® Solid Surfacing, a renewable decorative solid surface material manufactured from an advanced blend of acrylic modified polyester resin and mineral fillers.

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Product Features


Superior quality raw materials


Colour throughout

Product Finish

Either Euro Silk Matte or Gloss

Easy Maintenance

Colourfast and non-porous


25 Year Limited

Technical Specifications

70.9 inches
32.3 inches
21.3 inches
126 kilograms
277.8 pounds
Water Capacity
180 liters
47.6 gallons
Built-in overflow
Colours Available
Technical Drawings Omina Freestanding Cian Bath
Omina Freestanding Cian Bath
Omina Freestanding Cian Bath

This bath has a matching basin

Add the finishing touch to your bathroom with a matching Cian® basin or washstand. Whilst some of our basins have been designed to match specific baths, others naturally complement multiple models and bathroom styles. Each basin is made from Cian® solid surfacing and provides unparalleled quality, performance, durability and beauty.

Omina vanity cian basin

A slightly smaller version

This option is available with a select number of our CIAN® freestanding baths. These smaller models are a direct replica in design and leave a smaller footprint than their original counterpart. We cater for the discerning customer who wishes to conserve water and offer a solution for those with space constraints.

Smaller Bigger Bath Variation

About our colours

Boutique Baths has 8 crafted colours that are unique to our products. These colours are formulated based on local and international fashion trends. Our colours permeate throughout the product and are not merely on the exterior surface.

Boutique Baths also offers colour matching, which gives you the opportunity to design a bathroom in colours of your choice. We strive to offer the most unique free-standing baths and basins available on the market today.

Our current colours

  • Sable
  • Castano
  • Azure
  • Aveo
  • Rosa
  • Perla
  • Struzzo
  • Ciara
Cian colours swatch boutique Baths

Product Finishes

This bath in only available in the Euro Silke Matte finish.

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